5 Shocking Facts about Plastic bags in the Ocean

Shocking Facts about Plastic bags in the Ocean

The oceans are massive bodies that help humanity in a number of ways from food to trade or simply to beauty. Regrettably, this asset is threatened by man-made pollution and natural causes. Although the four oceans have suffered humanitarian consequences for more than a thousand years, they have accelerated in recent decades.  Toxic waste, oil […]

6 Causes of Coral Bleaching

6 Causes of Coral Bleaching

Coral coloring occurs because of the breakdown of zooxanthellae and coral host. Coral host and zooxanthellae provide most of the color. Without Zuzanthella, the coral tissue is transparent and has a white and shiny coral skeleton. Coral die of hunger after they bleach… Although some of the corals can feed themselves, most of the corals […]

7 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Sea Turtles

7 ways to help save the sea turtles

Sea turtles are part of two vital ecosystems, beaches and marine systems. If sea turtles become extinct, both the marine and beach ecosystems will weaken. And since humans use the Ocean as an important source for food and use beaches for many kinds of activities, weakness in these ecosystems would have harmful effects on humans. […]