The Particularities Of The Shark Skin

Shark skin particularities

From Velcro to octopuses, nature has everything to inspire us in massive ways. However, this post is dedicated to the sharks more specifically to its amazing and unique skin. Sharks have been evolved to be highly amazing and perfect predators, and that means having perfect eyes, jaws, sensory organs and skin. Yes, shark skin has […]

Sea Lion vs Seal, What Are The Differences ?

Seal vs Sea lions : the differences

Sea lions and seals live with dolphins and otters as sea lovers attracting people to beaches and aquariums. But after a thorough inspection, you may know the difference between sea lion vs seal. However, the differences are not very notable, but a good comparison between sea lion vs seal will show you the apparent differences. […]

Why Do Whales Beach Themselves?

Why Do Whales Beach Themselves

Whales beaching has been noted throughout history. Regarding the reasons why do whales beach themselves, scientists could not find a unique answer. Whales beaching refers to whales and dolphins that strand themselves on beaches. Stranding is so rare that it does not pose a significant threat to any species.  Bad weather, navigation errors, and hunting […]

6 Heartbreaking Facts About the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Facts

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a marine debris collection in the North Pacific. Marine debris is debris that ends in seas, oceans as well as other large water bodies. This patch is located near Eastern Garbage Patch and Japan.   This massive accumulation of plastic waste between California and Hawaii is increasing day by day… […]

12 Perfect Beachy Necklaces For The Summer Days

Perfect Beachy Necklaces

Pile on your jewellery wherever this summer takes you. Whether you’re soaking up the sunshine on a beach, sightseeing on a city break or dancing ’til dawn at a festival, we’ve curated the ultimate beachy necklaces to see you through the season. Adding Beach necklaces to your jewelry collection can easily breathe new life into […]