Octopus is an aquatic animal with multiple legs. Octopus normally stays underwater. As compared to other underwater creatures, octopus comes with a bit awkward physique. Octopus contains a big mount in the center of the body and also has large flexible legs.

As octopus does not have a Skelton, rather its body has made up of flexible muscles and tissues, which can make it easier for the octopus to change its shape and size while swimming in the water. Even more, its flexible body also makes it easier for the octopus to pass by underwater hills and narrow rocks.

However, when it comes to knowing about this aquatic animal, the most amazing question, another question that usually arises in mind is what do octopuses eat. Well, this post will surely help you to get some basic information about the stuff they usually eat. So, stick on this and learn some amazing things about octopuses.

What Do Octopuses Eat ?

What do Octopuses eat ?

When it comes to diet, size matters

Octopuses usually unabashed predators which mean they enjoy to hunt and kill what they eat. However, what octopuses love to eat usually depends on their size and where they are living. Octopuses are tough. Pound per pound.

Octopuses can take on quarry which is even armed with powerful defensive traits, for example, crabs. Even, sharks and dogfish can also become a victim of these gutsy but hungry octopuses. Although octopuses are too audacious and brave, but if these are being measured with few inches only then there are chances that it would not be able to fare too well against an adult crab or a shark.

Small octopuses  

However, as baby octopuses are being measured merely in millimeters, therefore, at that stage the food of these octopuses is conformed of plankton. Octopuses may start from nanoplankton progressing to mesoplankton while growing in their size. However, the smaller species which never grow more than 10 or 12 inches lengthwise will normally stick to sea gastropods or other marine mollusks diet.

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Medium octopuses

Medium-sized octopuses normally live in shallow water and have a quite varied diet as compared to smaller sized octopus’ species. Most of these octopuses prefer to go with crustaceans just like crabs and shrimp as well as gastropods such as mussels and clams.

The most common octopus which falls in this category is Octopus Vulgaris.

What Do Octopuses Eat ?
Credit : Mohamed Ahsan

Large-sized octopuses

When it comes to the particular specie of the octopuses which is capable of growing to various feet in length, for example, Giant Pacific Octopus usually goes with a much larger victim. These can eat small marine creatures along with the larger ones.

On the menu of the large-sized octopus, you can find shrimp, lobsters, crab, squid, different types of fish and other octopuses too. Even more, these can also eat shelled sea mollusks. Most interestingly, these octopuses are also known well because of eating dogfish, and sharks which are up to four feet long.

Knowing these categorized eating habits are surely going to let you understand what can be on the menu list of a crab in the best possible way. 

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