From Velcro to octopuses, nature has everything to inspire us in massive ways. However, this post is dedicated to the sharks more specifically to its amazing and unique skin. Sharks have been evolved to be highly amazing and perfect predators, and that means having perfect eyes, jaws, sensory organs and skin.

Yes, shark skin has some amazing, inspiring, and impressive features. So, if you want to know about the most amazing features or particularities of shark skin then you must keep reading this post.

Shark Skin Particularities
Shark skin under a microscope

Some Amazing Characteristics of Shark Skin

Along with various other characteristics that are making shark unique, shark skin is also being considered as unique in multiple ways. However, here we have brought some of the most amazing qualities of shark skin which will surely let you know why it is unique. So, here we go:

Texture of shark skin

Shark skin is also being characterized by its contrast between slippery appearance and rough tactile texture. It is because Shark skin is not made of traditional fish scales. Small teeth on skin surely sound creepy, but this can be the best description of what the scales which are making shark skin tactile look like.

These scales are actually attached to the skin at its base. While, the visible part of this is known as the crown, similar to the tooth crown. Even this crown ends up with a pointing tip which is facing towards the tail of the sharks. This is the reason why the texture of the shark skin is smooth when you are rubbing it in head to tail direction, but it feels rough when you are moving your hand in the opposite direction. In fact, sharp skin crowns are too rough that the ancient Greeks used it as a sand paper to make their wooden objects smoother.

Well, these crowns are sharper because most obviously these are being used to protect the skin of a shark. These scales are also serving as the first line of defense against coral reefs, rocky areas, marine litter, and parasites.

Color of shark skin

Sharks are usually drably counter-shaded which means that the bottom and top of the shark skin contains different color. However, when it comes to the color of the top side then it is usually darker than the bally or bottom side of the skin.

When the sharks are being viewed from the upper side then the top skin and water color look similar while similar is the case when it is being viewed from the bottom side because of the light-toned skin and light-colored water. This is what usually helps sharks to hunt in the perfect stealthy manner and make it able to sneak up and prey without being detected.

Skin thickness

Sharks usually come with the very think skin especially whale sharks which contains up to 4 inches thick skin.

These are some of the amazing characteristics of the unique shark skin which are surely going to be effective for you to know.

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