Whales beaching has been noted throughout history. Regarding the reasons why do whales beach themselves, scientists could not find a unique answer. Whales beaching refers to whales and dolphins that strand themselves on beaches.

Stranding is so rare that it does not pose a significant threat to any species.  Bad weather, navigation errors, and hunting too close to the coast are some of the factors that may be the reason behind why do whales beach themselves.

Why do whales beach themselves ?

Here are some of the reasons why do whales beach themselves

Greater pollution

One of the reasons given by marine scientists and biologists to explain why do whales beach themselves more often is that the increase in materials and artificial chemicals causes more pollution in the ocean, which may result in deformation of marine mammals, mentally and otherwise damage whales and poison or kill marine mammals due to toxic chemicals.

Collision injuries with boats other artificial aquatic machines

As more and more ships enter the ocean for global trade, the chances of whales to collide with the ships and injure themselves are also growing, making them collapse accidentally.

Whales can beach themselves due to collision injuries with boats other artificial aquatic machines
Heartbreaking images of Blue Whale struck dead by ship as it slept

Natural diseases

Natural disease is one of the reasons why do whales beach themselves. Just as humans suffer from natural diseases and diseases, marine mammals may also be subject to natural diseases that are beyond control.

Attacks from marine mammals

Whales can go to the beach to try to escape or to find a cover of shark attacks or attacks of other marine mammals such as killer whales.

Poison of various aquatic species

Although it is more difficult to find adequate information on whales poisoned by other aquatic species, it is certainly possible for a whale to poison and disorient itself, which makes it swim towards the shore and is an answer to why do whales beach themselves.

Red tides and relationships

Water pollution, environmental toxins, and rough weather are other possible causes of why do whales beach themselves. As presented by researchers. According to NOAA, poisonous red tides, which occur when microscopic algae bloom quickly and release toxins, affect not only whales but also filter-feed shellfish and marine food chains.

Why Do Whales Beach Themselves

Nutrient deficiencies and disorientation

Nutrient deficiencies, weakness, and disorientation caused by lack of food in whale feeding areas can lead whales to shallow waters. According to Whitehead’s lab, they can track prey in shallow waters.

Shoreline sails

Killer whales may intentionally hunt for seals on the coast. Then they wait for the waves to return to the sea. This practice is most often seen in pods in Argentina; this habit is thought to be taught to the younger killer by the pod older members. Killer whales rarely become involuntary beaches.

Why do whales beach themselves ?

Sonar effects

Some scientists believe that sonar signals and other artificial underwater noises can contribute to beach events. The army uses low and medium frequency active sonar to sense submarines as well as other audio exercises.  These frequencies can be very deadly for some of the species.

Some of these theories are hard to prove on a large scale. However, it should be noted because each concept has the potential to why do whales beach themselves and is significant to find possible solutions to this problem, especially those that can be caused by the human contributions.

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