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6 Heartbreaking Facts About the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Facts

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a marine debris collection in the North Pacific. Marine debris is debris that ends in seas, oceans as well as other large water bodies. This patch is located near Eastern Garbage Patch and Japan.   This massive accumulation of plastic waste between California and Hawaii is increasing day by day… […]

How Much Plastics Is In The Ocean ?

How much plastics is in the Ocean ?

Ever wondered how much plastics is in the ocean. It is believed that much of the plastic that does not end up in the landfill or goes through other waste management methods ends up in the ocean. Plastic can penetrate the ocean in the form of microplastics or large identifiable elements or specific parts of […]

6 Causes of Coral Bleaching

6 Causes of Coral Bleaching

Coral coloring occurs because of the breakdown of zooxanthellae and coral host. Coral host and zooxanthellae provide most of the color. Without Zuzanthella, the coral tissue is transparent and has a white and shiny coral skeleton. Coral die of hunger after they bleach… Although some of the corals can feed themselves, most of the corals […]

7 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Sea Turtles

7 ways to help save the sea turtles

Sea turtles are part of two vital ecosystems, beaches and marine systems. If sea turtles become extinct, both the marine and beach ecosystems will weaken. And since humans use the Ocean as an important source for food and use beaches for many kinds of activities, weakness in these ecosystems would have harmful effects on humans. […]

30 Shocking Facts about Water Pollution

Water pollution facts

Water pollution is the second most imperative environmental concern along with air pollution. It occurs when pollutants (particles, chemicals or substances that make water contaminated) are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without enough treatment to get rid of harmful compounds. Water is, perhaps, the most precious resource available on the planet. For a […]

15 Effective Solutions to Water Pollution

water pollution solution

Water pollution is one the main environmental issues that we are facing, as more than 70% of the Earth‚Äôs surface is water-covered. Various simple and implementable ways can be used to limit the pollution of our water resources. These actions can be taken individually or collectively and must be done repeatedly to reduce the impacts on […]

10 Solutions To Reduce Ocean Pollution Today

Ocean Pollution Solutions

The Oceans are massive, pulsing, vibrant bodies of water that serve humanity in countless ways‚ÄĒfrom providing food to enabling commerce to simply being beautiful.But these powerful expanses of sea are not invincible. Each year, human activity erodes marine life in some way, essentially polluting the oceans. It becomes complicated to ignore the gravity of ocean pollution, […]

6 Easy Ways To Help Save Sharks

Sharks are one of our planet’s most misunderstood and maligned creatures, and the pressure from human activities on shark populations has been pushing some species of these fish toward extinction. Humans are killing sharks at an unprecedented rate.¬†An estimated 100 million a year are killed for meat, as byproducts of commercial fishing, pollution, and out […]

10 Shocking Facts About Plastics in Our Oceans

The¬†ocean¬†remains one of the most expansive, mysterious and diverse places on¬†Earth. Unfortunately, it is being threatened by pollution from people on land and from¬†natural causes. Marine life is dying, and as a result the whole oceanic ecosystem is threatened simply by¬†various sources of pollution. If we are to preserve ocean and its natural beauty, drastic […]