Sea turtles are part of two vital ecosystems, beaches and marine systems. If sea turtles become extinct, both the marine and beach ecosystems will weaken. And since humans use the Ocean as an important source for food and use beaches for many kinds of activities, weakness in these ecosystems would have harmful effects on humans.

From Green sea turtles to the leatherback, the largest turtle on earth, all seven species of sea turtles living in U.S. oceans are listed as endangered or threatened with extinction…

Making a good change to sea turtle is very simple if you follow the right things.

Here are the 7 things you can do to help save the sea turtles.

1. Turn off the lights

Small sea turtles make use of the reflection and light from the moon to make their way in the water at nighttime. Artificial lighting complicates baby sea turtles and makes them fall back on themselves rather than at sea, putting the sea turtles in the risky situations that can lead to death. Artificial lights can also depress adult females from beach nesting. So turn off the light to save the sea turtles.

2. Be aware of nesting areas of sea turtles

Be aware of nesting areas of sea turtles and avoid hatching and nesting turtles. Sea turtles are very cute and therefore tempting to touch and notice, but torches and people irritate turtles when they live or try to nest on the beach to save the sea turtles.  

7 Things You Can Do To Help Save The Sea Turtles
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3. Consider Volunteering

There are a number of ways to make a good difference in sea turtles lives. Fix a day to clean the beach garbage with your friends and give awareness to your local school or surrounding areas about what steps you can take to save sea turtles as well as have some good discussions with people steps they should take to save the sea turtles.  

4. Be careful while fishing and boating

Boating can kill or injure the turtle. So be careful if you sail in the ocean. If you see sea turtles in the water, stay at least 50 meters away.  

Change fishing location if you see sea turtles nearby or if you are interested in your bait. Remember to get all your fishing gear and supplies back when you’re done, especially nets, hooks, and fishing line.

Surprise “guest” on my quick dive in the clear waters of Barbados
By Cédric Frixon

5. Travel smarter

Remember to book your next trip through a responsible travel agency dedicated to wildlife protection, community empowerment and having guides knowing the rules and practices.

Once at your destination, respect marine life and its surroundings, such as nesting sea turtles on sensitive reef systems and beaches. Be specific about your purchases. Purchasing items, such as shark products, jewelry or hawks damages the fragile ecosystems and threatens the endangered species.

6. Do not disturb the turtles

Make sure to not disturb the turtles. If you want to see a baby turtle, have fun watching the turtles show hosted by different organizations which will allow you to watch sea turtles. Don’t catch a small turtle in the water  bucket or aquarium. This will consume the energy required to swim after they come out of the nest.

7. Reduce your carbon footprint

Global warming can twist sea turtle gender ratios, predator and prey distribution. Although climate change may seem like a very big problem, you can personally take many steps to reduce save the sea turtles.

Make sure to consider these things and play your part to save the sea turtles !

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