Cowrie shells contain multiple meanings and use. These are commonly being shown up in the form of jewelry and money. Moreover, most of the people also use them in most of the accessories which are related to religion. These are being used in almost every part of the globe. Most commonly cowrie shells are found in the Indian Ocean. However, these gained tremendous popularity throughout ancient Africa.

Traditionally these shells contain a specific meaning and history. Nonetheless, there are still various people all around the world who are unaware of the spiritual meaning and use of cowrie shells. Because of which people more often misinterpret the cowrie shell meaning and misunderstood the facts about them. As cowrie shells are not just meant to be a mare fashion, therefore, the people need to understand the cowrie shells meaning and importance in the best possible way.

Cowrie Shell meaning and use
The cowrie shell has shown up in the form of money, jewelry, and religious accessories in almost every part of the world.

Cowrie shells meaning and use to know

Do you want to understand the meaning and spiritual benefits which are associated with the cowrie shells? Here we have brought some of the most important information which is surely going to be the best for you to know in this regard.

Cowrie jewelry
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Cowrie shells meaning

Cowrie shells are known as the most successful and the best form of currency in the various regions of the world. According to the African legends, the cowrie shells are representing the goddess protection which is highly powerful and is connected with the strength and power of the Ocean. Even as these beautiful and small shells have resembled with the lifegiving organs of females, therefore, these are also known as elixir or giver of life which is why wearing a Cowrie Shell jewelry is always a good idea !  

The cowrie shells are being used as currency and known as the worthiest ones. As a currency, these were commonly being used in the various parts of Africa. Due to this, the cowrie shells are also been recognized as prosperity. Even more, these shells also symbolize the power of density.

Moreover, the cowrie shells are also believed that these are to have taught the stories of respect and humanity.

Cowrie shells use

Other than this, these shells also have a connection with femininity for some obvious reasons and one is its appearance. However, females used to place these shells on their altars or even use these shells in their spells for birth, sexuality, menstruation, or birth. Beyond the feminine ties of these shells, these also represent prosperity.

In ancient medicines, these glossy and small shells have been listed as one of the best medications for various problems. Due to which these shells have been used for centuries not only as medicines but also as currency in Africa, India, China and other various parts of the world. Ancient Chinese has also used these shells in the various ceremonies for their dead people.

Cowrie shells look more like a familiar theme because of their use in various cultures and regions of the world. The various uses of these small and glossy shells made them one of the most important shells to have! Discover our large collection of cowrie shell jewelry

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