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Our Oceans Are Dying, Stop Shark Finning !

Most of the countries around the world enforce various rules on the hunting of wildlife, whether for sport or commercial use. But there are times when the demand for a certain animal or a product of the animal make the punishment for the poaching seems minuscule. While the poachers seek financial gain, they fail to […]

15 Shocking Facts About Ocean Pollution

The ocean remains one of the most expansive, mysterious and diverse places on Earth. Unfortunately, it is being threatened by pollution from people on land and from natural causes. Marine life is dying, and as a result the whole oceanic ecosystem is threatened simply by various sources of pollution. If we are to preserve ocean and its natural beauty, drastic […]

Top 10 Endangered Marine Species Facing Extinction

turtle endangered species

Our beautiful planet is widely covered with water resources, mainly represented in the shape of oceans and seas. These are a sign of greatness and provide numerous benefits not only for the animals living in them but also for the people who depend on them. We rely on oceans to provide us with food, minerals, […]