The ocean is downstream of everything, so all of our actions, no matter where we live, effect the ocean and the marine life it holds. Those who live right on the coastline will have the most direct impact on the ocean, but even if you live far inland, there are many things you can do that will help marine life.

 sea food to protect ocean
  • EatEco-Friendly fish

Overfishing is a global problem, and many common fishing and farming methods result in major habitat damage or large amounts of bycatch – other species are caught unintentionally and are often thrown back dead. Use a seafood guide when ordering or purchasing to help make sustainable (and delicious!) seafood choices.

  • Reduce your plastic use

Reduce Your Plastic Use: 50-80% of marine debris is plastic. It breaks down into smaller pieces, but never goes away. The ocean’s five major gyres, giant swirling currents, often trap this debris, turning the ocean into a toxic plastic soup.

Marine animals often mistake it for food, and can end up choking or starving to death. It also entangles and injures them, making it difficult to swim or fly, and could lead to drowning. Reduce plastic pollution by refusing single-use plastics and using reusable bags, cups, and tableware instead. You can make a difference by using less plastic and recycling the plastic you do use.

way to protect ocean plastic use

  •  Leave the beach as you found it.

We love spending a day at the beach, lounging in a beach chair and digging sand castles. But, sea turtles are clumsy on land and obstacles like beach furniture and holes are difficult for them to maneuver around, and could block them from reaching an ideal nesting site.

  • Reduce your energy use

Climate change is linked to sea level rise and ocean acidification, both of which could drastically affect marine ecosystems. By energy-proofing your home, making sure to insulate properly, keeping your heating and cooling system maintained, and switching to energy efficient light bulbs you’ll help reduce the effects of climate change, and save some money in the process!

way to protect ocean

  • Never Release Balloons

Balloons may look pretty when you release them, but they are a danger to wildlife such as sea turtles, who can swallow them accidentally, mistake them for food, or get tangled up in their strings. After your party, pop the balloons and throw them in the trash instead of releasing them.

  • Buy Ocean-Friendly Gifts

Give a gift that will help marine life. Memberships and honorary donations to non-profit organizations that protect marine life can be a great gift. In our shop, you can find a lot of marine life products, 20% of our revenues are donated back to ocean and marine life causes.


  • Turn your lights off at night (especially if you live on the beach).

Artificial lights can be distracting to adult sea turtles that are nesting – they have the most nesting success in just the light of the moon. Also, hatchling turtles will crawl towards the brightest light they see, which is usually the moon reflecting off of the ocean. Artificial light can be very confusing to a newly hatched turtle and may expose them to predation or cause them to become disoriented or lost.

  • Avoid pesticides and harmful chemicals

It’s common knowledge that pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals are bad for your health, but take a moment to think about the impact these have on marine life as they contaminate the global water supply, too.

Instead, use natural alternatives when cleaning your house and you may be pleasantly surprised at just how effective they can be! The long term positive impact will certainly lead to marine life thanking you.

  • Stay connected with the ocean

One way to ‘stay connected’ with the ocean is by encouraging your friends, family and followers to be eco-friendly. You can take this a step further by spending more time by the ocean and gaining a great appreciation of what we should be trying to protect and preserve.
Many of us associate spending time by the ocean as just relaxing on the beach but you can do so much more than that! Take some time to take a stroll every morning and enjoy the sights and sounds of marine life enjoying their natural habitat!


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