The sea creatures of the deep have caught our thoughts for centuries and for many good reasons. Once you venture out of the zone where the ambient light penetrates, the dark seabed is filled with captivating and extraordinary critters. Most of the creatures must rely on food that floats from the top. 

We are very little familiar with the sea creatures of the deep, in fact, we are well familiar with the moon surface. The amazing thing is the sea creatures of the deep sea are really fascinating.

Here is a list of 10 fascinating Sea creatures of the deep.

  • Anglerfish

Anglerfish is one of the fascinating sea creatures of the deep. Imagine that you followed a warm and welcoming light and that you found the mouth of sharp teeth straight behind it. This is the bad fate of the anglerfish’s prey.

 Anglerfish, sea creatures of the deep sea have developed an effective hunting method: they use their brilliant lure, composed of specialized bacteria, to attract crustaceans and fish as they approach sharks. However, only females have traps. It is also used to attract the males, who will bite the female and fertilize the eggs.

Anglerfish is one of the fascinating sea creatures of the deep
A pair of fanfin anglers (Caulophryne jordani).
Image credit: Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation.
  • Boxer snipe eel

The boxer snipe eel is one of the sea creatures of the deep belongs to a family of snakes whose thin bodies shrink by about five feet and end with tails like wicks.

The large eel eyes are adapted to capture all possible light beams when the depths of the boat are explored with curved jaws and bill shape. A very narrow body plan resulted in an exceptional location for the anus of the snipe eels just behind the head of the animal.

Fascinating creatures of the Deep
Image credit : MBARI
  • Leafy Sea Dragon

Thanks to the many yellow or green appendages that let it hide in seaweed, this creature 14 inches deep, closely linked to the pipefish and sea horse, settles in the waters of southern and eastern Australia. They feed on small crustaceans called sea lice and, as with seahorses, they name males of the species to incubate their eggs.

The animals look like a seahorse in terms of size and shape, but they have small leaf-shaped fins camouflaged by predators. Sea dragons grow awkwardly with their transparent pectoral and dorsal fins, but they travel mainly with the current.

Leafy Sea Dragon are Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep
Leafy seadragons (Phycodurus eques) are named for the leaf-like growth on their bodies, which helps to camouflage them
Image credit: Tony Brown
  • Ostracodes

They have developed at the beginning of the Cambrian, around 545 million years ago, and are usually in the form of fossils. They still live in all the aquatic habitats, from small ponds to the deep sea.

These creatures have bloomed for thousands of years a little more than floating heads. In the absence of fragmentation, their bodies and heads are merged, hidden in a spherical shell with the appendages of the creature. This special type of ostracode contains mirrored reflectors for the eyes that it uses to identify small floating objects in the depths.

Ostracodes - 10 Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep

  • Vampire Squid

This is one of the mysterious sea creatures of the deep with a scarlet body that would reside up to 900 meters deep. Here, oxygen saturation can be as low as 3%, but vampire squid can easily thrive in these suffocating conditions. The reddish color of this squid is not the only reason for its scary name. If you take a closer look, you will notice that the 8 arms, each with rows of fleshy spines, are connected to each other by a layer similar to that of skin.

  • Larval Longarm Octopus

Larval Longarm Octopus will eventually bear its name by developing long thin arms that extend up to seven times the length of the octopus. Scientists have reported cases where this type of predation was avoided by mimicking the shape, color, and behavior of the fish while moving on the seabed.

10 Fascinating Creatures Of The Deep
Image credit : MBARI
  • Sea Butterfly

Sea butterfly is a beautiful creature of the deep sea. True to its name, sea butterfly is a member of the family of sea snails that seems to fly in the water. Two fat wings emerged from the snail’s feet, allowing it to float in the water column and feed passively on the plankton while maintaining protection in its transparent shell.

Sea butterfly is an incredibly beautiful creature of the Deep sea
Sea butterfly is an incredibly beautiful creature of the Deep sea
  • Glass Squid

This is one of the fascinating sea creatures of the deep that revolves around the water with swollen, hunted eyes and short arms. Members of the glass squid species have light-emitting tissues on their lower surfaces, which are used to deceive predators and hide the shape of their eyes. This species can be found in the shallow and middle depths of open oceans around the world. Growing up, they tend to look for deeper water.  Transparency and sunlight make really awesome camouflage.

Glass Squid - Creature of the Deep
Image Credit: NOAA photo library
  • Flamingo Tongue Snail

The flamingo snail is located in the waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic and feeds on poisonous sea fans. While eating on the sea fans, the flamingo tongue snail absorbs its poison and becomes poison, disturbing its potential predators. Although the flamingo snail is a relatively common sight, its unique exterior makes it a popular underwater souvenir for the divers, which also contributes to the novelty of modernity.

The colors of the Flamingo Tongue Snail are breathtaking
  • Pinecone Fish

Finding food can be a challenge at night, but the pinecone has a secret weapon: natural lighthouses. Bright bacteria inhabit 2 organs of the fish’s lower jaw and produce a beam that illuminates the next meal of the predators. These are found in the western Indian Ocean, including the Red Sea, and around South Africa, Indonesia, Mauritius, South Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. They prefer areas with coral reefs, caves, and rocks. They are generally found in waters whose depth varies between 20 and 200 meters.  

These sea creatures of the deep have to live in extremely difficult conditions, such as hundreds of pressure bars, little food, some oxygen, extreme cold, and no sunlight. Besides these conditions, these creatures can also survive well in harsh environments, such as hadal or abyssal areas, which are devoid of light thousands of feet below from the surface.

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