Diving and swimming is passion for many people. Those who love diving, they know how beautiful the experience it can be. There are many beautiful spots in the world where you can go and enjoy diving. Make sure you read the full article because we will talk about a perfect spot to dive in. So, if you are a diver too then stay till you read the last word of my article.

Octopus Gardens

Octopus Gardens :

Near the Port Townsend, Washington, US, there is a spot called octopus gardens. This place is full of amazing aquatic life. You will find hundreds of fish species in the ocean near the octopus gardens. This is the reason that this place has become one of the most known diving spots in the country. Hundreds of diving lovers visit this place every day. According to most divers, this is one of the best places in the world to dive. The creatures that you will find here, you may never find anywhere else.

A perfect spot for families :

For the citizens of Washington, Octopus gardens have become a family picnic spot. During weekends, many families come here and spend their weekend near the shores. The divers come along with their families and spend many days here. When the tide is good enough to dive, the divers go into the water and enjoy the amazing water worlds. Many divers dive with their family members too. Hence, if you live in or near the city, visit this place and you will thanks us later. Many divers leave there family on the shore and so that they can enjoy the amazing food and do shopping while the elders go for diving.

Why this place is called Octopus Gardens ?

Many divers have spotted giant octopuses in the big rocks at Hudson point in the ocean. The point is located at southernmost of the breakwater. Divers say that there are hundreds of octopuses near this point. Some have even spotted seventeen giant pacific octopuses. This is the reason this place is called Octopus gardens. But octopuses are not the only animals living in this place, thousands of other aquatic animals have homes near this place.

Is diving at Octopus Gardens safe ?

According to experts, it is safer than you think. People think if they dive, they will be eaten or harmed by water predators like sharks but the truth is that there is no shark near the octopus gardens. People also think that the water world is very dark because they haven’t seen the real water world. Actually, you should visit the place and know that there is more light than you think. The underwater world is very beautiful and you should really dive inside this world at least once in your life.

How to buy diving gear to dive for Octopus gardens ?

You don’t need to buy anything while visiting octopus gardens. There are already more shops than you think. In fact, you can simply just go there and buy the necessary stuff right at the point. But we advise you to buy it from other places because things are little bit expensive here.

Octopus gardens at different seasons :

The area around and inside the octopus gardens change with the weather. In summers, you will see lush green trees surrounding the area. You will find more fishes during the summer seasons. Many people love to visit this place during summers. In fact, you will find many families enjoying their picnic at this place during summers.

During winters, the whole scenario is changed. Not much of the fishes and animals are seen during winters. Trees are also not very green. You will not find many tourists around the area. In short, who would dare to dive into the water during winter?

Training at Octopus Gardens :

Octopus garden is a much known spot in the city. Many professional divers visit the place to enjoy their quality time. If you are a beginner, you should not worry about anything because there are training center at the spot too. You can visit this place and learn from professional about how to dive. Different training programs have different fee. Visit this place and you will find every facility that you need to start your first diving. You will find many professionals offering you their services. Hire anyone of them and start diving and find out how amazing the water world is.  

Is visiting the Octopus Gardens harmful for the animals ?

If we want to give one word answer for this, then ‘yes’. There are many animals living their lives near the octopus gardens. When we visit such places, we actually harm the ecosystem that they are having. Most of us don’t even want to harm them. We just want to see their beautiful world and nothing. But the fact is that, our existing is the thing that harms them.

But you should not worry about these things because the government is doing everything in their control to make sure the animal life of the ocean is preserved and at the same time you are not stopped to visit such beautiful places. Hence, you try your best to take care of these animals while visiting such places and leave the rest to the government.


Octopus garden is one of many places where you can find more about our beautiful world. This is the place where you can cut off from the modern world and find out what the actual world looks like. Whether you dive or not, the area around it will give you inner peace. The green trees, the fresh air and sound of oceanic waves is everything that a person needs for inner peace.

Hence, we highly recommend you to visit this place because you will not find more enjoyment anywhere in the city than this place. You can bring your family and let them enjoy their time while you dive with your team. Visit the place or you will regret later. 

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