The Ocean is beautiful, but it is mysterious and dangerous at the same time. Many sea animals are more dangerous than most of the ground predators. When you are inside of the Ocean, you don’t know when and who will come to attack you. The primary rule of the Ocean is that the big fish eats small fish and that goes on.

Only the one who is capable enough to survive can survive in this dangerous water world. There are hundreds of dangerous predators in the Ocean. The most popular name of an Ocean predator is the Shark.

How Fast Can Sharks Swim ?


Everybody must wonder how fast can sharks swim. Keep in mind that sharks are predators, just like lion and tigers are predators on the land. The sharks have to swim faster to catch their prey. Their speed is the key to their deal meal. If they don’t swim faster, they will never be able to catch what they want to catch. The speed of a shark depends upon its species. The smaller and shorter sharks tend to move faster than big and fatty sharks.

So, next time when you are fishing in your boat in the middle of the Ocean, and you see a fin of the shark. Then keep in mind that this beautiful yet dangerous animal can swim faster than your boat.


When you compare the speed of different species of the sharks, then a short-fin mako shark would win the comparison. If you are a diver or fisherman, then you are lucky because humans do not normally encounter this shark, and if it does, it does not attack them.

Research from New Zeeland claims that this shark can swim at the speed of 95.5 KPH. This is more than many other fast-swimming animals of the sea. But this much speed of the mako is rarely seen. On average, Mako is to swim at the speed of 60 KPH. Even this much speed is more than enough for a predator to catch its prey. The speed of the mako allows it to catch faster fishes too. It can even catch swordfish, which is found to be one of the fastest swimming animals.

In short, mako is the king of the speed in the Ocean. It is considered as a cheetah of the water world. You only wish that this dangerous animal doesn’t encounter you in your life. If it does, then that might be the last day for you.

How fast sharks swim ?


Sharks are very dangerous, but they rarely attack humans. Different species of sharks swim at a different speed. For example, the great white shark swims at the speed of 40 KPH, the speed of the tiger shark is 32 KPH, the Blue shark has 39.4 KPH, and the whale shark is slowest of them all. It swims at a speed of 9.7 KPH.


Next time when you encounter the shark, don’t start swimming because it can swim way faster than you. Just stay there and let the shark go away because, on average, cases, the shark does not attack humans.

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