What we know is less than 5% of the entire ocean. The oceanic life is full of mysteries, which are still unsolved to us. Every day we find new species. Those species which are already discovered, throw unbelievable facts upon us.

In the ocean, some animals have more than the brain, and animals are having possibly no brain at all. Many animals have more than one heart which is impossible to believe. Read this article, as here we will discuss some amazing facts about a beautiful sea creature called the starfish.

Some Amazing Facts about Starfish :

Starfish is also known as a sea star. It is one of the most beautiful looking creatures of the ocean. The starfish is known to have more than 2000 species. Starfish are found in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Some amazing facts about this cute creature are:


Starfish can regenerate their arms and legs. This ability is very useful for these animals. When they become the target of a predator, they end up losing their arms. Thanks to its ability, they can regenerate their arms again. But the process of regeneration is slow, and it may take years for a starfish to regenerate its arm fully.

  • NO BLOOD :

Starfish is one of those animals which have no blood circulation at all. It uses saltwater of the sea to circle inside its body. The seawater provides all the nutrients that a starfish requires and then there is no need for any complex blood circulating system at all. On the other hand, they live in the ocean, so they will never run out of water.

  • NO BRAIN :

Your primary teacher must have asked you, “Does a starfish have a brain?” The answer is no. The starfish do not have a brain, but they are not fools. They have a complex nervous system that allows them to make a decision. This nervous system is centralized in the ring around the mouth.

Does Starfish Have Brain ?
No, Starfish do not have brain but a complex nervous system

You must have thought that starfish spends all of its life by just sticking on a single rock. But in reality, that is not the case. They have hundreds of feet on each of their arms. To move, they fill the seawater in their feet. With this technique, they can move very easily. They can move faster than you think.


This might surprise you, but it is true. Almost every starfish is shaped like a star, but there are some rare cases in which a starfish does not look like a star. Cushion starfish is the one that looks like around like blob. Although are the other qualities of cushion starfish are similar to a normal starfish, but only the shape is different.


Starfish is one of the cutest sea animals that you can find. They are very mysterious animals, and every day we are getting some new facts about them.   

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