Below are some 8 mind blowing facts about oceans to be the center of attention !!

1. The Great Barrier Reef, measuring 1,243 miles, is the largest living structure on Earth. It can be seen from the Moon.

great barreer reef from above


2. As many as 100 million sharks are killed each year for their meat and fins, which are used for shark fin soup. Hunters typically catch the sharks, de-fin them while alive and throw them back into the ocean where they either drown or bleed to death.

sharks killed each year
Sharks are piled high at a processing factory in Kesennuma, Japan in this undated photo released to the press on Jan. 27, 2011. The Asian nation accounts for 3% of the reported global catch, according to conservationists.
Photo: Shawn Heinrichs

3. The top ten feet of the ocean holds as much heat as the entire atmosphere.

4. Air pollution is responsible for 33% of the toxic contaminants that end up in oceans and coastal waters. About 44% of the toxic contaminants come from runoff via rivers and streams.

5. Oil is one of the ocean’s greatest resources.

oil in ocean

6. Mount Everest (the highest point on the Earth’s surface 5.49 miles) is more than 1 mile shorter than the Challenger Deep (the deepest point in the ocean at 6.86 miles). The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the world’s oceans. The trench is about 2,550 kilometres. It reaches a maximum-known depth of 10.911 km at the Challenger Deep, a small slot-shaped valley in its floor, at its southern end

mount everest ocean

7. Because the architecture and chemistry of coral is so similar to human bone, coral has been used to replace bone grafts in helping human bone to heal quickly and cleanly.

8. 90% of all volcanic activity occurs in the oceans.

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