Seal Pillow

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Seals are pretty much known to be the dogs of the sea. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they seek out refuge on you boats while evading predators. Other than the few times they drag small girls into the ocean, they are pretty much the perfect sea animal which most would keep as pets if they could. All this considered, it may be why someone created this super realistic, and super cuddly seal pillow.

This Seal Pillow is no joke: it will judge you regardless of how many cuddle sessions it receives from you. It will make sure it claims it’s title as the most “Fluffy Seal” ! 

Features :

  • HYPER REALISTIC. The seal pillow took all of the attributes of the seal and put every last detail into the pillow to make it look as realistic and as close as possible to a real life seal as they could.
  • SUPER SOFT. Our seal pillow is super stretchy, soft, and has a cute seal look.
  • TWO CUTE LOOKS. There’s two different versions of the seal pillow, one that depicts a darker seal, and another that depicts a lighter seal. The darker seal is stonelike and chonky, while the lighter seal has a charming smile.

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