An octopus is an oceanic creature. Its upper layer of the body is soft. The limbs of an octopus are eight. Around three hundred species of Octopus are found. There is not a fixed size of an octopus. Some small octopuses are as small as a dog, while according to legends, the biggest octopus is almost the size of a ship.

But again, these all are the theories, and as I have already mentioned earlier, we don’t know but very little about the oceanic life and its species. We hope that one day we will be able to discover more about the beautiful underground world.

How Many Hearts Does Octopus Have ?

It’s a common question from those who love to discover about oceanic creatures. Octopus is unique in its way. It is surprising to know that an Octopus has three hearts. All these three hearts has a different function to perform in the body of an Octopus.

Its first two hearts are used to send blood up to the gills of Octopus while the third heart works to flow the circulation for the organs. Another interesting thing about the heart of the Octopus is that its organ heart stops when the Octopus swims.

Keep in mind that Octopus is not the only creature with more than one heart. There are other creatures too. The animals having more than one heart are:

  1. Worm
  2. Cockroach
  3.  Squid
  4. Octopus
  5. Hagfish

What Is The Color Of An Octopus’s Blood ?!

Another interesting thing about octopus is related to its blood. The fun fact is that its color is not red. As humans, our blood is based upon iron, and we call it hemoglobin. But that is not the case with an Octopus. The blood of an Octopus is based upon copper called Hemocyanin. This turns its blood blue. The color of the blood of an Octopus is blue.

This type of blood allows an Octopus to survive in the deep ocean. It can easily receive oxygen from its surroundings at a very low temperature.


Octopus is an amazing creature. But unfortunately, just like many ocean creatures, octopuses are in danger too. Climate change is going to cause a lot of harm to these beautiful animals. Octopus cannot withstand against acidity, and there are chances that the acidity level of the ocean will rise soon. And if that happens, then you know rest.

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