It is quite easier to recognize a belugas whale by just having a look at that because of their stark white color. These whales are truly awesome and beautiful.

These can easily get the attention of anyone. These cool and white whales are a complete fun bunch which contains some interesting facts which most of the people do not know.

Although these beautiful whales are quite social and you can see plenty of beluga whales at various places especially when you are on a trip to Churchill. However, there are some interesting beluga whale facts which you must know.

Beluga Whale Facts

Breathtaking beluga whale facts to know

Do you want to know some of the most interesting beluga whale facts? Here are some which will be better for you to know:

1.    Beluga whales are not white when born 

The actual meaning of beluga in Russian is “The White One”. Other common names by which beluga whales are also known all around the world are melon-head, white whale and sea canary. The most interesting fact about the beluga whales is that they are not born with white color. 

They gradually begin to turn into white with time. While female whales at the age of 7 while the male ones at the age of 9 turn into complete white. The most interesting thing about their white skin is that it helps the whales to swim back.

2.    Bump of beluga whales

The head-bump of the beluga whales commonly known as a melon. The beluga melon changes its shapes with the sound waves which they emit. It is also known as the key to the ability of beluga’s echolocate.

3.    No fins to swim

Unlike other whales, these white whales do not contain dorsal fins which can let them swim even with ice easily. They use the hard-dorsal fins and heads to make holes in the ice.

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4.    Belugas have most powerful echolocation power

These whales contain the most powerful echolocation power which can help them to locate the things around them with ease. It can help the whales to direct the waves of sound along with the bounce off objects within the water and send back to the whales as an echo. This can let them know what is around them.

Breathtaking facts about belugas whales

5.    Most of the beluga whales live in Canadian water

There are more than 150,000 beluga whales which are living in the water of Canada. Most of the parts of these whales can be found in the Arctic. However there one population also lives in the water of St. Lawrence River.

6.    Beluga whales are friends forever

Beluga whales are the friendliest social whales. They live in a group of almost 10 whales but when it comes to summer migration they gather in thousands. They love to play and can enjoy playing with the objects they find.

7.    Beluga Whales are extremely vocal

Beluga whales are the most vocal whales. The ones which are living in captivations are also reported to mimic the vocals of their human handlers.

These are some of the best beluga whale facts which are surely going to be amazing for you to know.

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