An over under shot is one of the best ways to bring to life an underwater scene with a unique perspective…

Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect “half underwater” shot with your GoPro? The answer is a GoPro dome port ! This accesory allows you to combine the beauty of the two worlds in one picture.

20+ Amazing half- underwater pictures :

jellyfish Half underwater picture
Physalia physalis, Thaiti
crocodile Half underwater picture
Into the Mangrove Forest
turtle Half underwater picture
What’s up bro ?!
fishermen Half underwater picture
Perfect timing – Fiji island
sharks Half underwater picture
No better way to enjoy a sunset, Galápagos Islands
fish Half underwater picture
Shinning in the dark
sharks Half underwater picture
Sharks feeding, Galápagos Islands
Coral Half underwater picture
Snorkelling on a colorful Barrier Reef
Jellyfish Half underwater picture
Physalia physalis (bluebottle) taken as an over/under image in Bushrangers Bay, NSW Australia.
Half underwater picture
Hatchling sea turtle – David Doubilet
split shot in river
Pink salmon emerge from the Susitna River’s silty flow just a few miles downstream from the State of Alaska’s proposed mega-dam.
coral reef underwater half shot
Coral reef, French Polynesia – Stephan Debelle
sharks half underwater picture
Sharks in the Deep Blue Sea
half shot underwater
Under The Pole –  Lucas Santucci
sting ray half underwater picture
Curious Stingray – Emmanuelle Camallonga
sharks in the shallows half underwtaer shot
Shark cruising in the shallows – Pierre Riboulon
Split shot ocean Mediterranean sea
School of fishs, Mediterranean Sea – Jerome Mirande
manta ray half underwater shot
The majestic Manta Ray – Pierre Riboulon
humpback whales underwater shot half
Family time – Fréderique Legrand
Co-existence – Frederique Legrand
hald underwater shot polynesia
Classic Half Underwater pic in Polynesia – Romain Barat
half underwater ocean shot turtle
Sky on fire – Jordan Robins
dome go pro
Swimming in Karpathos Island – Travis Burke

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