The world of the ocean is filled with mysterious and unique creatures. Man has always been interested in the world of these mysterious creatures, especially due to the fact that they are able to only breathe under water, while man isn’t able to do that.
Some creatures are more formidable than the others, underwater, and some creatures are just meant to not be messed around with. One of those creatures is the great white shark.

Here are some facts about the white and shark, and finally we will discuss how many teeth does a white shark have :

It is the most common shark in the Ocean world

The great white shark is the most popular and most common shark in the ocean world, and almost everyone associates sharks with great white shark.

The great white shark is also known as the great white, white shark, or white pointer.

The white shark is a vulnerable specie

The great white shark was so hunted back in the earlier centuries that it has now become a vulnerable specie, that can go extinct should a mass hunt begin again.

The white shark lives around 70 years, and is about 11 to 20 feet long. The female sharks are bigger in size than the male shark, in general.

How many teeth does a white shark have?

Now that we know what the great white shark actually is, let us understand the inner portion of the shark, where the teeth are located:

The number of teeth in a great white shark depends on what portion of lifespan they are going through. In general, the total teeth in a great white shark equals the number of teeth they have lost, multiplied by the lifespan of the white shark, and then the remaining teeth at the end of the white shark’s lifespan are added to that counter.

Sharks continuously lose and rotate teeth during their lifetime. They have around 5 rows of developing teeth, behind their main jaw, which has around 24 teeth.

The developing teeth row have twice the number of teeth per unit area, as compared to the main jaw. This means that they have 48 multiplied by 5, number of times teeth behind their main jaw.

The developing teeth replace the main jaw’s teeth as soon as the main jaw teeth break. And they break very fast. But the new developing teeth are stronger than before, but they still break nonetheless.

If we were to add the developing teeth rows with the main jaw teeth, we would find that a white shark has a round-about figure of 264 teeth. Many great white sharks have around 300 teeth, in general, though.

The 300 figure is only for the teeth a great white shark has at any time.

By adding this 300 with the number of tooth a shark has lost in its lifespan, we can safely find out how many teeth does a white shark have in its entire lifetime.

White Shark Teeth


The white shark is one of the largest predatory fishes in the ocean, and the fact that it is able to grow teeth so quickly is just jaw-dropping. No pun intended.

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